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Orange Slime Runs Through LA River on New Billboard

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Spotted in Exposition Park is this confusing new billboard of the LA River, notes LA Creek Freak. The larger image shows the Glendale Hyperion Bridge in Atwater Village; the smaller image inside the circle presents itself as a close-up of the GHB, but the Creek Freak says it's actually a shot of the Fletcher Drive Bridge. Either way, the water is as orange as Chester Cheetah. In the comments, Joe Linton writes, citing a Facebook post, "It's part of a project by high school students in a Cal Arts program–which focused on the river this year. They've got an exhibit up at the CA African American Museum til June 20, and launch it again in Culver City at La Cienega Projects July 23." That sounds better than a Fanta campaign.
· What's Up With Orange LA River Billboard? [LA Creek Freak]