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LACMA Lawn Getting Dug Up For 340 Ton Levitating Boulder

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Stills via Yahoo! News, Photoshop rendering via Curbed

A lot of people have been wondering why the LACMA lawn behind the Resnick Pavilion is getting all torn up just a short time after getting all nice and green. The spot is preparing for the arrival of artist Michael Heizer's enormous "Levitated Mass" installation--a 340 ton boulder hovering over a 15 foot deep trench (which you'll be able to walk through!). For a showstopper like that, you can't just pick up some boulder off the street. Heizer's had his eye on a particular rock at a quarry near Riverside since 2006, reports the Press-Telegram. He bought it for $120,000 and storage has been $100 a month. (Heizer's had dibs on it so long that caretaking responsibilities have now spanned two ownerships--a worker says "It's been in the way every day.") On August 5, the boulder will board a 200 foot trailer and travel on surface streets at about seven miles per day. Nine days later, on August 14, the rock will arrive at LACMA to what a museum rep says will be a public celebration. Everyone start getting your "Welcome to LA, 340 Ton Rock" banners out of storage.
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