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Los Angeles Gets Its Very Own City Design Festival

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Los Angeles design geeks via LADF

LOS ANGELES: The city's first ever LA Design Festival kicks off tomorrow and there is so much designy goodness coming over the next couple weeks that it's a little overwhelming. The A+D Museum is already hosting Come In! 2, with work from young LA designers on the themes of "surf, skate, and bike." Tomorrow, Design East of La Brea hosts a tour of architect Stephen Kanner's last major project, the Heart of LA building in Lafayette Park (with beer to follow at the MAKE-designed Beer Belly). This weekend the Neutra VDL Studio Studio and Residences will hold an open house with the World Monuments Fund to raise money for its notoriously problematic roof (and for the WMF) and Materials & Applications has organized studio tours for all kinds of local design biggies studios, including Ball Nogues, Predock Frane, and Oyler Wu. Next week, Dwell on Design rolls into town, along with the AIA/LA Design Conference, and so, so much more. Go look. [LADF]