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Downtown LA Skyline Pops Up on One of LAX's Blank Walls

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A new mural of Downtown by local artist Susan Logoreci has debuted at LAX's Terminal One baggage claim (Southwest/US Air). The title--we're loving it--is "The Dream Décor of Oblivion," and it comes from a quote by cultural critic Paul Virilio: "No doubt because contemporary architects and town planners have no more than anyone else been able to escape such psychotropic disorders, one can say that the most distinctive cities bear within them the capacity of being nowhere... the dream décor of oblivion." Who knows what it means, but it sounds cool. Three 4-foot wide and six-foot high colored pencil drawings of Downtown, taken from three different views, were photographed and blown up for the mural. The piece will be up until October as part of the Art in Airports Exhibition Program, which is intended "to educate and entertain the traveling public."

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045