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Balboa Island John Lautner Back With New Photos, Another Chop

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Oof, do we hate to take an ax to a Lautner. The architect's 1979 Rawlins House on Balboa Island has had a tough time with the Newport Beach crowd. It first came on the market a year ago asking $5.495 million and was chopped in September 2010 to $5.195 million. It was delisted in March, but now is back with another pricechop: the new asking price is $4.695 million. Meanwhile, anyone know who the owner is? The OC Register reports that "The current owner of the house, who preserves and restores architecture around the country, purchased the residence almost 2 years ago," and is looking for "an architecture aficionado" to sell to.
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Rawlins House

804 S. Bayfront, Newport Beach, CA