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Brazilian Pentecostal Church Planning South Park Digs?

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Bankruptcy makes strange bedfellows--in this case, it could bring together Downtown developer Meruelo Maddux and a Brazilian Pentecostal church with a sordid past. Blogdowntown reports that the developer, which has been in Chapter 11 for a couple years now, is selling off properties and the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has its eye on a parking lot of theirs at Hill and Olympic. It's not clear what the church's plans are should a bankruptcy judge allow the $12.5 million sale of the 1.5 acre lot, though blogdowntown notes that the church--frequently charged with shady goings-on--is building a $200-million reproduction of Solomon's Temple in São Paulo that includes a Jesus statue double the size of Rio de Janeiro's iconic "Christ the Redeemer" monolith. Anyhoo, the sale of the parking lot will be decided at bankruptcy court on June 23, along with Meruelo Maddux's proposed sale of the Union Lofts at 8th and Hill--that property would go to Franklin Properties for $28 million. Photo via blogdowntown
· Brazilian Church Hoping to Purchase Lot for $12.5M [blogdowntown]