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Architect Allyn E. Morris's 1958 Home-Studio in Silver Lake

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City of Angles is Curbed's attempt to catalog Southern California's impressive stock of pedigreed modern architecture, from Neutra to Ellwood and from the pristinely preserved to the offensively tampered with. Nominations to the tipline please!

Silver Lake's Silver Ridge Avenue is chockablock with architecturally significant homes, including Rudolph Schindler's How House, J.R Davidson's Sabsay House, and--try saying this one five times fast--Harwell Hamilton Harris's Hawk House. The street also has several buildings designed by Allyn E. Morris, including the modernist architect's own personal residence and studio, which is now on the market. Built in 1958, the cantilevered steel-and-glass structure consists of a two-story living room, open kitchen, dining area, and master bedroom on the mezzanine level plus a lower-level office/studio. Per its listing, the property features "restored & preserved...original custom bathroom fixtures, mosaic, brickwork, glass and hardware, with an updated kitchen following the original blueprints with approval from Morris himself." Asking price is $668,000.
· 2390 SILVER RIDGE AVE [Redfin]