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If You Think CA High-Speed Rail Has Problems...

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Then you haven't considered DesertXpress, a high-speed link that could connect Vegas and Victorville. The business journal Vegas Inc. takes a look at the beleaguered proposal--of course, there's the V'ville terminus, which isn't enticing, but the thought was that the DesertXpress could be extended to Palmdale and meet up with the California high-speed rail line. Well, even if our state's bullet train gets built, one route being aggressively pushed bypasses Palmdale. Other DesertXpress issues: Vegas homeowners griping about the train causing noise and being a blight (though in Vegas, blight is more ubiquitous than neon), as well as a developer's plan to "build baseball and soccer stadiums and a basketball arena at Interstate 15 and Russell Road"--site of the Vegas station. [Vegas Inc.]