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Griffith Park Bear Graduates, Honeycombs at the Gallery Lofts

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Image via Griffith Park Bear

LOS FELIZ: Well look who passed his finals. This graduation gear on the Griffith Park Bear appears to be the first non-yarn bomb costume the statue has worn, so it looks like he's graduated from kooky oddity to Official Shenanigan of the City of Los Angeles. Congrats, GPB! [Griffith Park Bear]

ARTS DISTRICT: Last week ARCHEFFECT Design unveiled their porouCITY installation at the freshly-reanimated Gallery Lofts in the Art District. In an email, they write: "Our design is a series of Honeycomb modules made solely out of found palettes. We call it 'porouCITY', because it is a porous filter which investigates the borders of living and public environments, provides lighting, visibility filters and green elements within one modular structure." Check out the rendering down below or live in person at the Gallery Lofts. [Curbed Inbox]

Gallery Lofts

130 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles, CA