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Angels Flight Grounded Again For Safety, Fares Could Get Hiked

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Well, that didn't last very long. The Associated Press is reporting that Angels Flight has once again had its wings clipped due to passenger safety concerns. The world's smallest railway was ordered closed last night after a routine inspection by the California Public Utilities Commission "found that the wheel flange, which holds the wheels of the cars on the rails, have deteriorated to the point of being unsafe." The custom-made steel wheels could take some time to replace, and their high wear and tear level came as a bit of a surprise to Angels Flight mechanics. Back in 2001, the funicular ceased operating after one of the vintage orange and black rail cars rolled down the 298-foot incline and into its partner car, killing one and injuring seven others. After raising $3.5 million for repairs and upgrades, Angels Flight finally got its climb on again nine years later, in March 2010, and has been offering 25 cent rides 16 hours a day almost every day since, although not without occasional grumblings about the lack of an emergency walkway and a stoppage for faulty gate repair. All these safety fixes cost money, however, and Railway Foundation President John Welborne tells the AP: "Charging only a quarter is something we are not sure is going to be possible for too much longer."
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