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Hotel Wilshire Opens August 1 in Location Great and Dumpy

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A dumpy unglamorous stretch of Wilshire (though it serves as the home for the West Coast offices of Vogue and other mags) brightens up on August 1 with the opening of Hotel Wilshire. OSM Investment Company and Greystone Hotels enlisted architecture firm Killefer Flammang to turn a crusty medical building into a place that travelers will hopefully want to lay their heads (74 boutique rooms will come online). We heard a rooftop pool was coming (with that billboard?), but we're waiting for confirmation on that and a ground-floor restaurant. UPDATE: "There will be a restaurant but we don't have details yet," the project representative tells us. "There will be a roof top pool (with poolside restaurant). It's opening August 1 and peak summer rates start at $189 per night." Before the cries of "Why put a hotel here??" begin, keep in mind that this is close to the tourist mecca of the Grove, as well as LACMA, Beverly Hills, a proposed 21-story tower next door, and a subway stop at Fairfax that's supposed to open by the end of the decade.
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Hotel Wilshire

6317 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA