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New Architectural Style at the Grove: East Coast Preppy

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

This little Cape Cod cottage at the Grove is occupied by the mall's salty old caretaker, who, legend has it, once pushed Rick Caruso out of the way of a falling cupola and in return is allowed to spend his nights in the Apple Store doodling designs for new mall developments on the iPads. Nah, this is actually designer Tommy Hilfiger's doing--he's plopped down this pop-up in front of the Nordstrom as part of his Prep World tour. Racked LA will show you what's inside, but we wonder what Caruso could get for this place. His Americana at Brand condos required some serious chopping, but this is an SFR that's much closer to Whole Foods (and soon a Trader Joe's).

The Grove

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