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City Seizes Authority Over Autry Expansion From Recs & Parks

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Damn, the Autry National Center keeps jabbing and the city and Southwest Museum supporters just keep weaving. Plans for a scaled-back expansion at the Autry's Griffith Park site are once again threatened, this time by a rare "Section 245" thrown down yesterday by the City Council. The move allows the Council to take jurisdiction from the Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners, which had approved the renovation plans a couple weeks ago. Supporters of the Southwest Museum, which the Autry acquired in 2002, then shut down, and now has no real plans for, asked for the Council to intervene. The LA Times reports that the Autry is retaliating by threatening to donate the Southwest Museum's Mount Washington site to another nonprofit. The Autry is looking to upgrade two galleries, but in 2009, it dropped plans for a much more ambitious expansion because the city wanted a guarantee that the Southwest would reopen. The new plans will now go before the City Council's Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee on Friday.
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