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Many PriceChops Later, Silver Lake Log Cabin Goes Tiiiiiimber

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The log cabin duplex of Silver Lake, "Inspired by the American Pioneer's architectural spirit for design and practicality" (and totally a ploy to sell gallons of wood sealant to Silver Lakers impressed by its water resistance through the winter months), has sold after dozens of tiny chops and a few big ones. The property has a pair of two bedroom/two bathroom units was first listed in November 2010 asking $839,000, but chopped down to $799,000 later that month. After weeks of tricky $100 chops, on March 15 it landed at $700,000 and sold finally last week for $670,000, according to Redfin.
· Break Out the Bear Rugs, It's a Silver Lake Log Cabin Duplex [Curbed LA]