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Sunset Mega-Mansion Owner's Starter Chateau in Benedict Canyon

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You know real estate investor C. Frederick Wehba II as the guy who built the 36,000 square foot Sunset Boulevard mega-mansion with the gold-plated doorknobs, 35 pound shower heads, and 800 square foot master bedroom. He recently pricechopped that house down to $55 million and, reports, has also relisted his house in Benedict Canyon with a markdown. We're not sure if Wehba built the 1987 house, but either way you can see in it the design seedlings that would one day grow into the big, strong, gold-plated Venus Flytraps of the Sunset house (hey, at least the window treatments have been dialed back). It has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a dining room, a butler's pantry, a breakfast room, a gym, and a pool in a very modest 9,163 square feet. Once listed for $8.8 million, it's now asking $7.995 million.
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