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Walnut Wants Cars Out of Its Mansions' Driveways

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In wealthy, suburban Walnut, where houses average 5,400 square feet, the planning commission is considering changing parking minimums for single family residences so that cars stay out of sight. Right now, the city requires two garage spaces per house, but the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that it wants to "make sure there is enough parking on site so residents do not have to rely on driveways or neighborhood streets." Planners are working on a proposal that bases parking requirements on the floor area and number of bedrooms in a house, with any code changes applying to new buildings and remodels that add more bedrooms or "specialty rooms" like home theaters or meditation rooms. Because nothing draws a crowd like a good place to meditate. According to the paper, no residents have complained about driveway or street parking, but the city's mayor pro tem says tidy parking "keeps the neighborhood looking nice." [A nice clear Walnut driveway via Redfin]
· Walnut considers requiring homeowners to add more parking spaces for mansion-size homes [SGVT]