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Redondo Then and Now, Movie Theater Breaks Ground in NoHo

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Image by John Williams

REDONDO BEACH: Here's Redondo Beach through the ages, courtesy a reader and her husband's photography. She writes "The house in the foreground is a gorgeous vintage 1947 that appears to be intact from original. The behemoth lurking next door/behind it is a vintage 2000 McMansion. Non-SoCal journalists seeking illustrations for LA trend pieces, you're welcome. [Curbed Inbox]

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Despite some setbacks in North Hollywood, JH Snyder is merrily finishing up its long-running work in the NoHo Arts District, breaking ground this week on the seven-screen Laemmle movie theater on Lankershim near Magnolia. The NoHo 7 is expected to be ready for the December holiday season and will have stadium seating, loveseats, all-digital sound, wall-to-wall screens, and a restaurant. Like the other area Laemmles, it'll specialize in independent, foreign, art, and documentary films. [Curbed Inbox]