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New Automated Parking Garages All the Rage in LA

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"All the rage" may be overstating it, but two new futuristic automated parking garages that stack cars vertically and fetch them without human assistance are coming to town (there's already a small one operating in Hollywood). As noted, West Hollywood showed interest in building an automated garage for their city hall and now they're going ahead with the plan, according to Park La Brea News. The garage will hold 200 cars that can be retrieved through automated lifts and conveyors--ground is breaking next year with a 2013 opening expected. Across town, the 8-story, 60-unit Lotus Garden affordable housing project in Chinatown will also have an automated parking garage, reports the Downtown News. The Lotus Garden's "car matrix" will hold 64 cars on three levels that will move up and down, left and right without the nuisance of humanity.
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