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Not Everyone's Thrilled About 5600 Wilshire's Latest Tenant

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"It's a pawn shop." So declares an unhappy renter of 5600 Wilshire's newest tenant. Well, it's a tough market to find retailers. Still, the 25-year-old, who asked to remain anonymous, wonders why property owner BRE or the management team didn't find a store more appropriate for the renters in this Mid-Wilshire building. “The other spaces are geared towards the tenants," says our tipster, who works as a lawyer and moved to 5600 Wilshire six months ago. "There’s a yogurt place and dry cleaner...I wouldn’t go down one morning and pawn my jewelry.

"Does BRE retain any control about [tenants]?" she adds. "Are they are thinking about safety?" The above sign for Gold Max went up last weekend, she says, prompting much some poolside chatter among tenants about the store. On the upside, Gold Max buys everything from gold to watches to broken jewelry to candlesticks, according to its web site. They also organize home parties, where you and your friends can bring unwanted jewelry and gold to sell. A spokesperson for BRE, which is based in San Fransisco, and behind the forthcoming Wilshire La Brea project, didn't return messages.
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