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Bel Air House of the Unknown Architect Asking Under Half a Mil

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Do you recognize these beams? The listing for this two bedroom, one and a half bathroom house just barely in Bel Air says it was "Redesigned by a Well Known Architect in 1997, which his touch is visible in every corner!" Who could it be? The listing also says that the "Second floor will be reached with stairs covered with wood and lighted thru Glass Blocks!" Will be? With a disclosure that a city inspection is required? Has this house been sitting unfinished since the late nineties? Does it know Bill Clinton was impeached? Do we have to explain to it about hanging chads and Lolcats? Well, at least it got a brand new roof in March and a fresh coat of paint inside and out. Asking price is $499,900.
· 10420 LISBON Ln [Redfin]