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Bela Lugosi's Many Homes of the Thirties and Forties

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Image via Classic Horror Film Board

BEACHWOOD CANYON: With the help of Paradise Leased blogger Steve Vaught, we can finally rest easy knowing where Bela Lugosi lived and when he lived there (we had some trouble figuring out when he was at 2835 Westshire Drive, which is on the market now). Vaught writes: "My notes have Lugosi at 2829 Westshire in 1934 and at 2835 Westshire in 1936-7. The sources of this info are the Los Angeles City Directories for those years (1934, 1936, 1937). (In between, he was at the "All Steel" house on Outpost). From 1937-41 he was at 3714 Lankershim Boulevard and from 1941-52 he was at 10841 Whipple Street. The latter was the house Lugosi claimed was his favorite of all his many houses (and he had many!). Too bad it's gone." [Curbed Inbox]