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Deutsche Bank Called a "Slumlord"

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Deutsche Bank, already under attack by the government for alleging committing mortgage fraud, is facing a lawsuit courtesy of City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich. From the LA Times, "the lawsuit calls the bank the city's largest slumlord and seeks potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in reimbursement for the city and restitution to hundreds of tenants." But Deutsche Bank issued the following statement after the suit: "As we have repeatedly advised the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, loan servicers, and not Deutsche Bank as trustee, are contractually responsible for both the maintenance of foreclosed properties and any actions taken with respect to tenants of foreclosed properties. For over a year, we have offered to help the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office contact the loan servicers that are responsible for maintaining the properties in question, but they have refused our help and would not even tell us which properties they were talking about.” [LAT]