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Joyce Carol Oates, Others Write "LA Noire" Video Game Fan Fiction

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In a pretty unexpected bit of marketing, Rockstar Games is teaming up with Little, Brown and Company imprint Mulholland Books for a short story e-collection inspired by the video game "LA Noire." Hey, it's nice that a video game publisher is throwing a bone to the lit world. The eight stories, by writers including Joyce Carol Oates and Francine Prose, "celebrate detective fiction" and many "revisit the characters and cases in the game," which is set in post-World War II LA. Oates' story "Black Dahlia & White Rose" is a "brilliant reimagining of the Black Dahlia murder case and the young Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Baker)"; Prose's "School for Murder" is a "darkly humorous take on Hollywood, the making of noir films, and acting that goes far beyond the Method." More on the project and a preview of Megan Abbott's story are here. The full collection is out June 6.
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