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Broad Gets a Beam Delivery, BRE on Wilshire La Brea Groundbreaking

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Image via Calvin Fleming
DOWNTOWN "The first construction beams arrive at the site of the new Eli Broad Museum," writes Flickr user Calvin Fleming, uploading the above photo. Very cool. [Flickr]

MID-WIlSHIRE: This morning, we listened to San Francisco-based developer BRE's first quarter earnings call, and once again, BRE executives told analysts they expect to break ground on their Wilshire and La Brea apartment project in late 2011. The site, which used to hold the Columbia Savings building, will eventually hold 400 plus apartments. (And only recently did we find out that City Councilman Tom LaBonge, who represents the area, was very upset that BRE began tearing down the Columbia Savings building just hours after being granted entitlements by the city council.) Meanwhile, BRE's OC, LA and San Diego markets aren’t performing as well as their apartment buildings in Northern California, said BRE President and CEO Connie Moore during the call. [Curbed Staff]