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Gensler to Spruce Playa Vista's Goose, Finding Hidden Gems in LA

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Hercules Campus sketch via official site

PLAYA VISTA: Gensler will be sprucing up the old Spruce Goose hangar at Playa Vista--the firm's been hired as the studio architect on the Ratkovich Company's Hercules Campus, which will bring creative office and studio space into 11 buildings on 28 acres. The transformation begins with Building 15, where Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose was built, and is expected to be tenant-ready by the end of 2011. Everything should be finished up by mid-2012. Brenda Levin is still the primary architect on the project. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: SurveyLA, the city's project to create a complete list of its historic resources, is looking for volunteers to help dig up the hidden gems in their neighborhoods. The Office of Historic Resources is holding workshops for amateur preservationists throughout June, in several parts of the city, for anyone interested in helping. The full schedule is here. [Curbed Inbox]