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Free House in Westlake! (Land and Shipping Not Included)

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What/Where: A four bedroom, one bathroom house in Westlake that was built in 1905.

Sounds good, right?: It's free!

The Catch: It's "not in livable condition," and the land it's on is already spoken for. If those things don't bother you, feel free to have the house moved or to demolish it onsite and salvage the materials. NB: "All work must be permitted." According to Redfin, the current owners just bought the place a couple weeks ago, along with an adjacent empty parcel, for $450,000. The old listing says "Home might fall under Historic guidelines Buyer to conduct their own due diligence," but suggests putting up 35 new units on the two lots.
· FREE HOUSE!!! (Los Angeles) [Craigslist, via]
· 748-742 HARTFORD Ave [Redfin]