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Curbed LA Editor Dakota Smith Moving On; Curbed LA Hiring!

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Sad news, friends and readers: longtime Curbed LA editor Dakota Smith is leaving our nest at the end of this week, moving on to a new job. Dakota started writing for this site in early 2007—here's her first post, which showed Dakota's longstanding flair for original reporting—and ascended to the editor's chair later that year. She will be missed around these parts for a long time.

But lo! Opportunity knocks. Effective immediately, Curbed LA is looking for a new blogger to join our merry band. The job involves daily writing about the neighborhoods, characters, and built environment that make Los Angeles what it is. It's not necessary that you be some sort of real estate expert. Instead, we're hoping to find someone obsessed with some combination of the ins and outs of neighborhoods, architecture, urban planning, and the like. It's a freelance gig and hours and pay will vary based on experience. To apply, email with a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you're interested in the gig. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly. It's going to be sad to see Dakota go, but I'm energized to get going on building the next generation of Curbed LA. Do join us. —LS