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With New WeHo Planning Commissioner, End to "Loud"-Type Development?

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Lauren Meister, a vocal critic of West Hollywood politics as well as a former public safety boss, was recently appointed planning commissioner to the city by Councilman John D'Amico, reports the WeHo News. The article paints Meister as conservative on development--she's opposed to “bigger, faster, louder” development, according to D'Amico. Meister will work on the city's general plan, which will guide development, and will clarify how dense parts of WeHo need to be: “...if it’s 3,000 or 5,000 [units], let’s define a strip along Santa Monica Boulevard that can accommodate that many units and build the three and four-story buildings necessary," D'Amico said (Meister wasn't quoted in the article). D'Amico, and sounds like Meister by default, would let WeHo's western end lie (there really isn't much space to develop west of Fairfax anyway). The eastern end of West Hollywood's Santa Monica Blvd. stretch does have numerous projects in the pipeline, most notably, the Carl's Jr. project by the Monarch Group and Casden's Movietown Plaza (pictured), where a groundbreaking hasn't yet happened. A rep for the project tells us, "We’re hoping for later this year."
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