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Old Long Beach Amusement Park Tunnel Could Be Part of New Hotel

From the agenda item approved by the Long Beach RDA

South African-based developer P3 International is working with Long Beach on plans to turn a 1927 tunnel and a 66 space parking lot next to Victory Park into a 300 room hotel, with a 29,700 square foot conference center, a 5,000 square foot restaurant, and parking. According to the Press-Telegram, the main entrance would be at the still extant u-shaped drop-off area at the site of the now-demolished Jergins Trust Building at Ocean and Pine. The tunnel would be fixed up and get new stairs and elevator access from Victory Park. The Jergins Tunnel, which is lined in Italian ceramic tile, was built in the twenties to connect Ocean Boulevard and upper Pine Avenue to the old Pike amusement area, but was closed in 1967 to make room for a bigger Ocean Boulevard. Under these plans, it'll be home to the hotel's "high-end restaurant." The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency approved an exclusive negotiating agreement with the developer yesterday, and the city council is expected to consider the issue on May 17.
· Developer eyes Jergins Tunnel for hotel project [Press-Telegram]