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Another Drop for a Half-Baked Richard Landry in Santa Monica

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That half-finished home in Santa Monica, a 7-bedroom, 12-bath home that's (at least partially) designed by architect Richard Landry (and comes with his future plans) undergoes yet another meaty pricechop, falling to $13.995 million. As covered last fall, the home's owner just got fed up with the bureaucratic process of getting the home finished, and decided to list it for sale. While the listing advertises that "buyers can customize all final details" and touts the "catering kitchen, maids suite and wine cellars," it may be time to change marketing approaches. To borrow a phrase from another tear down, how about this invitation: "Bring your imagination and your 'dozer!"
· 1525 SAN VICENTE Blvd [Redfin]