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Wouldn't It Be Great if Pasadena's Busch Gardens Were Still Around?

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If you ever peruse the vintage postcard tables at the Rose Bowl or PCC, along with lots of cards depicting ye olde ostrich and alligator farms, you're bound to come across some featuring Pasadena's Busch Gardens. Sprawling across thirty-two acres owned by beer magnate Adolphus Busch and his wife, Lily, the idyllic spot was once one of Southern California's biggest tourist attractions, and served as a film location for many classic movies, including Gone With the Wind and The Adventures of Robin Hood. According to the Pasadena Museum of History, the Busch family offered to give the Gardens to Pasadena as a city public park more than once, but the city refused, presumably because of upkeep costs. In the 1930s, the land was subdivided and sold by developers. Sad trombone. A few remnants of the park, such as the old mill, can be found on private property, but probably the biggest reminder of its existence are street names. Which brings us to this listing on Busch Garden Lane. Built in 1952, the traditional home offers three bedrooms, two baths, and the excuse for this post. It's listed at $949,900.
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