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Conan Wants a Street in Van Nuys, Architects: the Next Generation

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We're cutting out early for the long weekend. See you back here on Tuesday!

VAN NUYS: Conan O'Brien is totally jealous of Oprah for getting a street named after herself in Chicago. He's asking Mayor Villaraigosa for his own street here in Los Angeles, and he's found just the one he wants. It is, of course, a dusty dead end in Van Nuys. Check out the video down below. [Team Coco]

MIRACLE MILE: The AIA/LA has given out its eighth annual 2x8:Source scholarships to the best and brightest in student architecture and design. There's a rundown of the winners here and you can check out their work through June 3 at the A+D Museum. Pop by this weekend post-hot dogs. [Curbed Inbox]