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Los Feliz Marble Madness Can't Be Saved By Indoor/Outdoor Pool

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Normally we would never throw shade on a house with an indoor/outdoor pool, because those things are awesome, but this house in the Los Feliz Oaks has a marble addiction that it's going to need tough love to break. Things start out ordinarily enough, with some light-colored wood, sort-of weird ceilings, and one little marble fireplace wall. And then it slowly becomes clear that a good 75% of the surfaces in this house are covered in freshly-polished marble. And you're wearing socks! Eeeee! On top of that, it looks like the pool enclosure might have been carved out of styrofoam (and marble). According to the listing, the four bedroom house was built in 1992 but "completely remodeled and updated in 2009." Asking price is $1.599 million.
· 2216 East LIVE OAK Dr [Redfin]