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Looks like Leimert Park Village may get a station on the Crenshaw Line (certainty=not bureaucracy's strong suit). The Source reports that the Metro board voted 9-3 today to build a subway station in the Village if the $131 million to build it can be found in the current $1.715 billion budget, i.e. if a contractor can construct the line with a station (or at least an underground box to add a stop later) for that amount. If that can't happen, the Metro motion "recommends that a street level station be built at 48th Street--two blocks south of Vernon--and that non-Metro funding be found to build it." And Park Mesa Heights will not get a subway. Other news from the meeting: day passes are now five bucks instead of six (yeah!) and the Wilshire bus lanes were approved from west of Downtown to Brentwood--omitting Beverly Hills and Westwood's Condo Canyon. [The Source]