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West Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood Papayas, Underwhelming News in Silver Lake, and Bastide Shutters

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: People like Guy Starkman, Brent Bolthouse, and Darren Dzienciol are behind The Beverly, the shiny new club near Beverly and La Cienega. It sounds fancy, with windows and fireplaces from the 19th-century, but this description sounds a little low-rent: "As for server uniforms, Darren hired celeb stylist Jessica Pastor to create a casual vintage look, so expect the girls to rock Siwy and Levi’s denim shorts with a Victoria’s Secret bra underneath a cropped denim top."

HOLLYWOOD: Eater is very excited about New York's Papaya King setting up shop in LA. Smoothies and hot dogs are the main staples, and with hours until 3 am, expect many party animals to end up here. Special alert: free curly fries!

SILVER LAKE: Oy, Silver Lake. That questionable Pioneer Chicken on Sunset--near Akbar--closes and what opens in its place? A Del Taco. Do Scientologists like Mexican fast food?

WEHO-ADJACENT: Fancy French bistro Bastide has shockingly closed its doors for good after nine years of service. Blame rising rents, according to Eater.
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