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Santee Village Sells, Bravo Seeking Families Feuding Over Design

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DOWNTOWN: The Santee Village Loft's Cornell Building just went on sale for the first time since being taken over by new owner Kennedy Wilson--how's she done? A rep tells us that 22 units have ended up in contract following the May 14 debut. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Bravo is looking for wealthy interior design victims for its latest show. A casting director writes: "Specifically, we're looking for families or roommates who haven't yet fixed an area of their house because they can't agree on what it should become...We're specifically looking for Los Angeles houses in upscale neighborhoods." They'll bring in an expert (someone we think you've probably heard of) who'll help fix up your fancy but design-challenged house. If this sounds like your thing, email [Curbed Inbox]