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John Cassavetes Hates Los Angeles, An LA Architecture Map

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HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Here's director John Cassavetes driving around the Hollywood Hills in the 1960s, listening to "California Girls" and complaining about Los Angeles. It's all just like something not at all out of a Cassavetes film--actually, it comes from a documentary series called Cineaste de notre temps; the Cassavetes entry was directed by Hubert Knapp and Andrew S. Labarthe. Click over to Dangerous Minds for a clip of Cassavetes really going off on LA (he calls it it "sissy in its mentality, so go-along with everything that goes along") to the great amusement of actors Gena Rowlands (his wife) and Ben Gazzara. [Dangerous Minds, via LAObserved]

LOS ANGELES: Architects Scott MB Gustafson and Rob Mothershed and You-Are-Here photographer Martin Schall are working on a Los Angeles Architecture map that they've already got well-populated with Beckets, Neutras, and Maynes. Submit your own ideas or just plan your Memorial Day weekend exteriors tour. [Maison Orion, via Archinect]