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Westwood Hollywood Video Gets Boot, Stern Tower Coming Soon?

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Update 4:55 pm: Hekmat kindly returned our call and said this is not the start of construction--no official date yet--but just the demolition of the Hollywood Video and "cleaning up of the concrete" at the site. Well, no more Jim Carrey, at least. Cheers went up from UCLA to the towers of Wilshire when bulldozers arrived this week at Wilshire and Gayley, site of the dilapidated Hollywood Video (which sports enormous interior pictures of the 19951994 Jim Carrey vehicle The Mask that are visible through its dirty glass windows). Is this the first step in the groundbreaking for Wilshire Gayley, the 29-story Robert AM Stern building that'll either be a 250-room luxury hotel or 144-unit condo tower? We're waiting for a phone call from developer Kambiz Hekmat to confirm. This building's momentum does look good--Metro officials altered their plans for a Purple Line subway station near the Stern structure so the building's footprint and the station didn't bump up against each other. A rep for Metro tells Curbed in an email: "The planned tower at the corner of Wilshire and Gayley would be located over the Westside Subway Westwood/UCLA (Off Street Station) Alternative. Metro is now focusing its efforts on the Westwood/UCLA On-Street Station. A subway entrance is planned to be located immediately adjacent to this tower on UCLA’s Lot 32/36."
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Wilshire Gayley

Wilshire Blvd. & Gayley Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024