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CicLAvia Wants to Expand Route to South LA, East LA

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The organizers of CicLAvia have released the preliminary route for its third carless streets event, which is planned for October and marks the first time the party has stretched itself from its initial course (East Hollywood to Boyle Heights). A South LA leg meets up with Downtown at 7th and Spring and follows Central Avenue for much of its route, with stretches on Vernon Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. "The priority for the initial expansion soon became connections with the Central Avenue Jazz corridor and Exposition Park, with later South LA phases to connect with the Watts Towers and with Leimert Park," according to CicLAvia's site. Rest stops include the African American Firefighter Museum and Exposition Park (the Expo Line, though, will still be a month from opening should everything go as planned with construction). The East LA leg is shorter than South LA, mostly following First Street, Euclid, and Whittier Blvd., with stops that include Mariachi Plaza and the Evergreen Cemetery. Organizers plan on submitting their plans in mid-June so they're approved in time for the event. It'll be interesting to see if people take to the added routes, which will expose many cyclists and pedestrians to new neighborhoods, or if attendees will be disappointed not to be riding a Wilshire route through fancier locales.
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