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Gail Goldberg Lands at the ULI, Co-Working All Over the Westside

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DOWNTOWN: An emailer is a little confused to see LA's former director of City Planning Gail Goldberg listed as the executive director at the Urban Land Institute: "When did this happen? Where's Kathy Perez?" Good questions; the switch-up seems to have happened with very little fanfare. [Curbed Inbox]

WESTSIDE: Sorry, coffee shops, co-working spaces are muscling in on your turf all over the Westside. Via a helpful tipster: "Mainly Santa Monica and Culver City. I don't know if there is higher concentration of co-working spaces anywhere else in the country. Some are more writer focused and others more freelance/entrepreneur focused." Mid-Wilshire's Blank Spaces is opening soon on Second Street in Santa Monica, and there're already several others in the city, including Working Village and Coloft. Culver City has procolo in the MODAA Lofts and NextSpace. [Pictured: procolo] [Curbed Inbox]