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Harbor Gateway Calls Torrance Out on Snobby Border Fence

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Torrance is seriously offending LA's Harbor Gateway neighborhood by putting up a four to five foot tall fence down more than a half mile of Western Avenue, on the border between Torrance (on the west side of the street) and Los Angeles (on the east). The Daily Breeze reports that business owners on the LA side think Torrance doesn't want to have to look at its older, poorer, less white neighbor--one says it's "almost like a fence between San Diego and Tijuana." The under-construction wrought-iron fence, which will eventually be covered in vegetation, will run from 190th Street down to Carson Street. It'll cost $890,000 and be paid for with Proposition C funds (that's a 1990 county sales tax increase that goes toward transportation projects). Torrance's mayor claims the fence is a safety precaution to protect pedestrians, but its police chief disagrees, saying there's no data to support erecting a fence.
· Building Barriers? Some see Western Avenue barricade as unneighborly [Daily Breeze]