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What If We Capped the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica?

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Santa Monica's already (maybe) getting at least one freeway cap park (on the 10 west of Fourth Street), but why should we limit ourselves to just parks on freeway caps? For a USC architecture topic studio this past semester, instructor Olivier Touraine asked students to dream up cap ideas for the Pacific Coast Highway between Arizona and California Avenues. The idea was to make a radical change in a relatively short amount of time: "Capping a freeway or similar infrastructural areas ends up being faster and more effective than the tedious and long process of modifying zoning rules." Touraine tells us that most of the students' projects, which were presented earlier this month, included high-end housing, hotels, and community spaces. Here's work from three of the students: Tamy Bahn, Matt Luery, and Poya Goshayes.
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