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Former Arch Digest Owners' Hugh Newell Jacobsen in Bel Air

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Argh, so few listing photos, but just enough to have us deeply intrigued. This five bedroom, ten bathroom house was designed by roof and gable enthusiast Hugh Newell Jacobsen, and was commissioned by the former owners of Architectural Digest, according to the listing (PropertyShark confirms this house is owned by members of AD founding family the Knapps--we saw their old Sunset Strip place back in 2008). We can't see the inside, but try to picture this: "Expansive use of glass walls and doors brings exterior elements into close proximity with the interior spaces. This owner-built home was conceived by an architecturally knowledgeable professional couple to balance the need for privacy, entertaining and civic engagement and to accommodate their extensive art collection." The Knapps built the house in 1998, according to Redfin. Asking price is $23.95 million.
· 10807 BELLAGIO Rd [Redfin]