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Now We All Have the Gold Card For Getting LA Citations Dismissed

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Image via Daily News

Los Angeles was downright rocked yesterday by City Controller Wendy Greuel's report on the Gold Card and its accompanying two-person Department of Transportation office, which cardholders could call to expedite parking citation appeals (it dismissed about half of the 1,000 tickets it dealt with over the past two years). The city's contract with the company that runs the desk calls it an "outreach program for high-level city officials, high profile complaints and public record complaints," according to the Daily News. The cards were given to elected officials and their staffs, although a few have claimed ignorance now that the word's out.

Greuel, a former city councilmember, said she was "very surprised" to hear about the cards, but Mayor Villaraigosa's spokesperson claims that she knew about the office, used the office, and in fact voted on the contract to run the office back when she chaired the council's Transportation Committee. Anyway, thanks to the Daily News for providing this photo of the Gold Card with the number clearly visible. Use it quickly, because the DOT says it's shutting the program down.
· Findings publicize 'Gold Card Desk' for city officials to request reviews of parking citations [LADN]