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How Tranquil: "Greenway" Coming to Expo Line Westwood Station

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The Westwood stop on the Expo Line Phase II, coming around 2015, is the epicenter of anti-Expo furor if those "Kids and Trains Don't Mix Signs!" are any indication. Maybe the protesting homeowners will be mollified by news that a greenway will open along the station (or maybe not). Streetsblog has news that the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation’s Watershed Protection Division unveiled its Westwood-Expo Botanical Water Garden concept last week and it looks like full-steam ahead for the $2.15 million project. This is how the WPD describes the greenway: "the multi-benefit project will be designed to provide urban runoff treatment, green space, access to public transit, and recreational opportunities. This "rails with trails" concept will improve water quality, showcase the Exposition light rail line, encourage ridership, and provide a unique transit experience in the City of Los Angeles." There will be two simulated streams surrounding the railroad tracks; the streams will treat both dry- and wet-weather runoff. There will also be a bike path nearby, along with shrubs, vegetation, and educational signage about the local ecology and themes of conservation. Sounds better than a parking lot.
· Daylight at the End of the Culvert [Streetsblog]