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Return of Eagle Rock's Good Will Hunting House

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This four-bedroom on Hill Drive in Eagle Rock has yo-yo'd on and off the market fairly regularly since 2006. But this time around, it's being reintroduced with some nice new listing photos, a jazzed-up backstory, and a significantly reduced price. Whereas previously the 1920s house was described simply as a "Swiss chalet," the listing now informs us that "Albert Braasch, an Eagle Rock pioneer and entrepreneur, purchased the property in the early 1900s, commissioning architect Jean L. Egasse to design the farmhouse along Norman lines, such as were left by the decedents of the Vikings, following their journey from an ante-medieval period," and that "the collaboration between architect and owner is evident in the architect's 'French-cum-Nordic' theme." The home's history as the place where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote the screenplay for Good Will Hunting is also mentioned. Though Redfin does not supply price history for the 20,490-square-foot property, when last featured on Curbed in February 2010, it was asking $1.3495 million. It's since been whittled down to the current list price of $899,000.
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