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Los Feliz Getting a Fashion Festival, Testing Gap's Priceline-ish Site

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Creatures of Comfort trunk show

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Dolce Vita is ditching its retail store on Melrose Place at the end of the month (the brand will live on) and of course they're having an awesome sale to get rid of everything.

LOS FELIZ: The people who put on LA Fashion Week are working on a Los Feliz Fashion Festival to coincide with the Los Feliz Street Fair on June 24.

THE INTERNET: Racked tries out the weird GapMyPrice site, which is sort of like Priceline but for Gap clothes. They tried to name their prices on cuffed shorts and u-neck shirts and ended up very frustrated, especially by the "Winners" page, which lets you see just how little other people got your item for.

BEVERLY GROVE: There is a 45,000 square foot Forever 21 opening up at the Beverly Center this weekend. You've been warned.
· Racked LA [Official Site]