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More Roaming Billboards: Culver City Bus Gets in On Ad Action

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One of the few LA-area bus lines unsullied by pictures of Aubrey O'Day, NCIS, or Big Macs is going to the dark side: the Culver City bus system (their buses are green) is in discussions with Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus for the BBB to develop an advertising program for Culver City. The Santa Monica Daily Press reports the deal, if it happens, would allow Santa Monica's transit agency to work on getting clients for Culver City, which currently only advertises its own services on its buses. Santa Monica would get a cut of whatever money they bring in--probably about 10-30 percent of whatever the advertiser is paying. The change for Culver City is necessary as budgets are being cut; ads on Santa Monica's buses brought in $1.7 million last year, a huge increase from 10 years ago. Santa Monica gets plenty of ads for movies, especially in the summer, but they're working on getting more clients in the off-seasons. As a sign of the BBB getting more aggressive in their sales, the bus system themselves just placed a $4,800 ad in The Hollywood Reporter to congratulate one of their Hollywood clients, New Films International, for 30 years in the biz. Don't go all Entourage on us, BBB. Culver City Bus image via MetroBusRider14 via flickr
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