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One-Bedroom Apartment in Historic WeHo Zwebell Complex

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West Hollywood's Havenhurst Drive between Sunset and Fountain is veritably chockablock with national landmarks. In addition to Leland Bryant's Colonial House at 1416, there are two historic complexes designed by self-taught husband-and-wife architecture team Arthur and Nina Zwebell: the Andalusia at 1471-75 Havenhurst and Mi Casa (formerly The Ronda) at 1400-1414 Havenhurst. The book Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles describes Mi Casa as "unique in the Zwebell oeuvre. The single centralized court has been abandoned in favor of two linear spaces that appear from certain vantage points to be picturesque Andalusian streets." Currently, there's a one-bedroom apartment available in the 1927 courtyard complex. Per its MLS listing, the 1,500-square-foot unit features hardwood floors, high ceilings, original tiles, and a woodburning fireplace, and comes furnished with "beautiful antiques and art." It's available short or long-term for $4,600 a month.