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Bob Dylan and The Band's Studio and House in Malibu

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Here's a little bit of Laurel Canyon by the beach--Shangri-La, the Malibu recording studio built in the 1970s, just to Bob Dylan and The Band's liking, according to its website. The website has lots of good stories, like that the property was once "an upscale bordello, rumored to have hosted the Hollywood elite of the 1950's" and that Mr. Ed was stabled there in the sixties, although we can't verify that one way or the other. The Band did record Northern Lights - Southern Cross at Shangri-La and Martin Scorsese shot some of The Last Waltz around the studio and the house that shares the property. Shangri-La also says Eric Clapton lived there for a few months while Bob Dylan camped out in a tent in the rose garden and Van Morrison, Pete Townshend, Joe Cocker, and Ronnie Wood were all dropping by. The studio was brought up to date in the nineties and since then has hosted Weezer, Metallica, and Kings of Leon. Besides the studio, the property has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a formal game room, and a guest house. Asking price for all that rock and roll history is $4.1 million.
· 30065 MORNING VIEW Dr [Redfin]
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